Americana Rock Music

Americana rock music from Frontier Poets starts with a strong first chapter. We spent the last 2 years shaping our unique sound and recording our first album. In early 2023, Frontier Poets will release this first album and music videos. This new band’s unique take on Americana rock music is rooted in pure love for the genre. From song to song and from town to town, Frontier Poets hopes to elevate the souls of all who love Americana. The band speaks on the topics of loneliness, hope, relationships, life’s everyday obstacles, and who we are, and aspire to be, as humans living in this crazy word. Here are a few random lyrics. “Always wild, run like a child, live, live like you love”. “Where do we go from here, naked we believed, standing on the beach”. “Wasn’t what you wanted but there’s nothing you can say”. “And as I go, I go on knowing that every war must end in peace”.

“If you’re a writer, you know that the stories don’t come to you – you have to go looking for them.” (Tom Waits) Americana Music - Frontier Poets

Americana rock music today is all about the evolution and merging of many music genres from the 60’s through the present day. That includes folk music, country music, blues, folk rock, alternative country, country rock, roots rock, heartland rock, southern rock, singer-songwriter and more. Even skiffle music. In the early days, the genre included artists like Bob Dylan, The Byrds and The Band. Later, Tom Petty, The Travelling Wilbury’s, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits helped define the genre. And today Americana music is defined by artists like Milk Carton Kids, Mumford and Sons, I’m With Her and Hozier. Thing is, Frontier poets loves all of it.

“I used to think that all great recordings happened at about 3 A.M.” (Tom Waits) Americana Music - Frontier Poets

Through the tinted glasses of Frontier Poets, many of their favorite artists (including Dylan, The Band, Wilbury’s, and Milk Carton Kids) sit deep in their hearts and souls. Frontier Poets is an amalgam of all of Americana music in its many forms and with its many great artists. We hope you’ll watch for Frontier Poets new releases and give their flavor of Americana music a listen. In the upcoming weeks, you can connect with Frontier Poets through Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

“The piano has been drinking, not me.(Tom Waits) Americana Music - Frontier Poets